Table Tennis Tournaments 2022

Table Tennis Torurnaments 2022

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What are World Table Tennis Championships?

Table tennis competitions sanction by the International Table Tennis Federation are known as the World Table Tennis Championships (ITTF). Since 1926, the World Championships have been held biennially since 1957. Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mix doubles are the five individual events that are currently held in odd number of years. In the year 2000, the World Team Table Tennis Championships, which feature both men’s and women’s team events, became their own competition. In even-number of years, the Team Championships are contest.

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Hungary’s men’s team was a dominant force in the early stages of the event, winning 12 championships. Following this, Japan enjoyed a brief spell of dominance in the 1950s. China emerged as the new dominant power in this competition from the 1960s onwards, and China continues to dominate the sport with the exception of 1989–2000 when Sweden won four times. China’s men’s team has won a total of 21 global team championships, a record.

Japan’s women’s team was a force to be reckon with in the 1950s, winning a total of eight titles. From the 1970s forward, the Chinese women established a stronghold on the world team championships. Since 1975, they’ve only lost twice. China has won 21 women’s team championships.

Awards/Trophies :

Table Tennis Torurnaments 2022

The winners of the various events are given seven different trophies, which are held by winning associations and return for the following global championships.

Singles competition:

St. Bride Vase for men’s singles, donated in 1929 by C.Corti Woodcock, a member of London’s exclusive St. Bride Table Tennis Club, after Fred Perry of England won the title in Budapest Geist Prize for women’s singles, donated in 1931 by Dr. Gaspar Geist, president of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association after Fred Perry of England won the title in Budapest.

Doubles completion:

W.J. Pope Trophy for women’s doubles; donated in 1948 by the ITTF honorary general secretary W.J. Pope at the 1947 World Championships. Iran Cup for men’s doubles; initially presented by the Shah of Iran at the 1947 World Championships.

Zdenek Heydusek, secretary of the Czechoslovakia Association, donated the Heydusek Cup for mixed doubles in 1948.

Team competitions:

Include the Swaythling Cup for men’s teams, which was a gift in 1926 by Lady Baroness Swaythling, mother of the first ITTF president, and the Ivor Montagu Corbillon Cup for women’s teams, which was also a gift in 1933 by Marcel Corbillon, president of the French Table Tennis Association.

The Cup was won by the German women’s team in 1939, and the original Cup was lost during the Berlin occupation following World War II; the current Corbillon Cup is a duplicate built-in 1949.

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