Nobel Prize in Sports?

Nobel Prize

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The Nobel Prize now honors outstanding achievements from around the world in the fields of peace, physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and economics. It’s past time to explore adding a new category to the Nobel Prizes: a Nobel Prize in Sport.

Consider this before dismissing the idea: sport is actually a universal language. Sport can be found in some form in all countries on the planet. It is a forum for social change in addition to goals and gold medals.

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“Sport has the ability to change the world,” Nelson Mandela said. The focus of a Nobel Prize in Sport would be on how sport may be used to promote peace, development, and human rights.

Professional footballers and Olympians are generally the first images that come to mind when one thinks of sport. Sport, in reality, encompasses a considerably broader range of activities.

Sport is describe as “any type of physical exercise that contribute to physical health, mental well-being, and social interaction, such as play, recreation, organize or competitive sport, and indigenous sports and games” by the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace in 2003.

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Nobel Prize

“Sport is also a key enabler of sustainable development,” the architects of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognized the importance and relevance of sport. We acknowledge sport’s expanding role in achieving development and peace through its promotion of tolerance.

And we value the contributions it contributes to the empowerment of women and young people, individuals. And communities, as well as health, education, and social inclusion goals.”

Given this global acknowledgment of sport’s impact, here is a list of possible criteria to start the conversation about who should be nominate for the Nobel Prize in Sport:


  1. A group that has used sport to encourage and construct global systems change in a specific field or area of work to contribute to peace. Development, and human rights.
  2. An individual or group that has invented or established new and innovative tools, and resources. Or expertise to address global concerns or problems through the perspective of sport and peace, development, or human rights.
  3. A group that has shown a long-term, persistent, and genuine commitment to using sport as a vehicle for peace. Development, and human rights.
  4. An individual or group that has collaborated with other individuals or organizations in a cohesive and mobilizing manner. To achieve a greater objective and mission for the power of sport to promote peace, development, and human rights.
  5. An individual or group with the ability to express and translate to a worldwide audience the impact of using sport for peace. Development, and human rights across cultures and communities.

People or organizations who satisfy these requirements are undoubtedly found all across. The world and are already undertaking the outstanding work that merits this honor. These criteria provide a starting point for discussions about including sport in the prestigious Nobel Prize category. Given sport’s global reach and influence, it’s a discussion worth having.






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