John Isner on Roger Federer: “He Is The Goat.”

Roger Federer

Today we are going to discuss a statement of John Isner on Roger Federer: “He is the GOAT.” So I know Roger Federer is one of the greatest players of all time and favorite of many out there. So to know everything about him and this statement do read the full article.

No. 23 in the world In the discussion over who is the greatest player of all time, John Isner has voted for Roger Federer.

The American was asked which tennis player he would most love to be locked in an elevator with on the Tennis Channel’s Warm & Fuzzy. He replied by mentioning Federer’s name and referring to him as the “GOAT.” The Swiss maestro is also a lover of professional wrestling, according to Isner.

“I believe it is Federer, because he is the GOAT, and you can steal a little piece of his intellect. We actually have a lot in common to talk about: he’s a fan of professional wrestling, which not many people are aware of.”

In tennis, the GOAT discussion is never-ending, with Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic virtually always involved.

“In the GOAT debates, Roger Federer has done a lot for me.” Nick Kyrgios is a tennis player from Australia.

Roger Federer

While Isner dubbed Federer the “Greatest of All Time,” Kyrgios may disagree. If Nadal wins 22 Grand Slam championships, the 26-year-old feels the Swiss will no longer be mentioned in the discussion. Federer has a losing record against Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, according to him.

“I think Nadal has the title if he wins 22,” Nick Kyrgios remarked. “Roger’s done for me in the GOAT discussions boys, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, he’s done, He’s got a losing record against both of them, like pretty awful records, I realized.”

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Because of his record against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Nick Kyrgios believes Roger Federer is no longer a GOAT candidate.

If Rafael Nadal wins the French Open this year, he believes he will win the title. Do you agree with me?

In 2021, Federer last competed at Wimbledon, reaching the quarterfinals before losing to Hubert Hurkacz. This is the Swiss’ final appearance on the tour. As he will miss the rest of it to recover from knee surgery.

The Swiss revealed not long ago that he hopes to return in the middle or late of 2022.

“With running, I’ll have to wait a little longer. I’m hoping to gradually raise that over the next few months, with the goal of returning around the middle or end of 2022. The operation was the correct decision. After Wimbledon, the knee was no longer in good shape. It couldn’t continue on like this for much longer. I’m perfectly fine. I had to start anew after two months of walking on crutches.”

Many fans are expecting Federer to return to the WTA tour, and it will be interesting to watch when that happens.

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