How to Improve Footwork in Table Tennis

How to Improve Footwork in Table Tennis

Today we are going to talk about How to improve footwork in table tennis. So to know everything about it and improve your footwork and improve your gameplay, do read the full article. Footwork is the best thing, as good and confident footwork leads to good and confident gameplay. So today I am going to give you some tips on improving your footwork, so carefully read the article.

Footwork is the key to mastering your table tennis technique.

Having solid footwork is one of the keys to playing the best game of table tennis. You’ll be able to move more effectively and execute better, higher accurate returns if you have good footwork.

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In table tennis, there are mainly two footwork patterns: side to side & in and out. It’s critical to keep your weight on your toes when doing footwork so that your weight moves forward. Knee bending is also necessary for lowering your center of gravity and improving your balance.

Keeping it in mind will allow you to move more freely during a game and attain your full potential. Here are four ways to enhance your table tennis footwork.

In and Out Footwork:

How to Improve Footwork in Table Tennis

When should you utilize this? This is used to return a one-time service.

Return to the ready position by moving your body forward (IN) to reach the ball and then returning back (OUT) to the ready position.

Step your right foot forward, placing your right leg under the table, as you go inwards towards the ball. Return to the starting location after you’ve completed your shot.

Our left foot moves first, then our right foot moves under the table. Your right foot goes back outwards after performing your stroke, while your left foot returns to the base position.

In simple terms, the footwork is: left, right, right, left.

Side to side Footwork:

How to Improve Footwork in Table Tennis

When should you utilize this? In table tennis, this is the most common footwork pattern.

When you’re near to the table, you can accomplish this quickly. Whether you’re moving to the left or right, always move your outer foot.

To transition from a backhand to a forehand, begin by shifting your weight from your left foot to your right foot, then back to your left, then back to your right foot, in a shuffling motion from side to side.

When switching from a forehand to a backhand, you begin by moving your right foot first, then your left, right, and then left.

One Step Footwork:

When should you utilize this? When you don’t have time to react, this is employed as a final resort.

We may not have much time to react during table tennis matches. As a result, you may be obliged to go from one position to another in one stride. This would almost always result in a less-than-ideal or awkward position. It’s usually employed to execute a blocking stroke.

For greater balance, a one-step movement is performed by pushing off by a stationary foot into a wider stance, then playing the ball, and finally returning to the base position.

Crossover Footwork:

When should you utilize this? When you need to get back to work quickly.

If the ball moves wide to the forehand side, you can employ this crossover footwork pattern instead of side-to-side footwork since it is speedier. Your legs cross over one other, as the name implies, to help you reach and catch the oncoming ball more quickly.

Cross your leg foot wide to the right side to travel from the backhand side to the wide forehand side. Shift your power to your left foot, using the left foot as a pivot. As you play your shot, you should shift your weight to the right and cross your right foot.

Proper footwork aims to arrange the body in the best possible positions prior to the start of a stroke. During table tennis training, footwork should never be overlooked. Aside from refining your footwork, you might want to try these solo table tennis drills that you can do without a partner.

So this was all you need to know about How to improve footwork in table tennis. Hope this was helpful to you and after reading this you will improve your mindset on improving your footwork.


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