Jason Thomas’s Supercross Prediction for 2022

Jason Thomas's Supercross Prediction

Here we are going to talk about Jason Thomas’s Supercross Prediction for 2022. So to know his prediction and get your nerves on, do read the full article.

The year is 1992, and returning to Anaheim, California, feels like the appropriate thing to do. Southern California is the racing capital of the world, and Monster EnergyAMA Supercross calls it home. As we begin a new season, there are a plethora of storylines to choose from. Will the new protagonists be able to make a name for themselves, or will the old guard maintain control? Will the multiple changes in the team and trainers have an impact? In just a few days, all of these and other questions will begin to be answered. Let’s take a look at the challenges that the riders will confront on the track.

Dirty Little Hidden secrets:

First, let’s have a look at the music. The first episode of the series had a very brief start. Long-time readers of the Staging Area may recall that I like lengthier starts to provide for rider separation and spacing. Shorter beginnings are more likely to result in contact or handlebar entanglement. I understand the riders aren’t going as fast as they should be, but I’d rather have less touch at a greater speed than a lot of contacts as you approach to turn one. Riders on the inside should have a significant advantage as they navigate the long, sweeping 180, as they’ll have the shortest distance not just to around the first turn, but also over the first several obstacles, as well as the second and third corners. Initially being driven outside could lead to a downward spiral.

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The first challenge is a fascinating “turning double” right at the start. While the motorcyclists are still crammed together, keep an eye out for an accident caused by the tight quarters. The following portion is a leisurely tabletop that will prepare motorcyclists for a stadium-length rhythm section down Angels Stadium’s third baseline. It’s a no-brainer to take the inside line through the 90-degree corner, which leads to a double-triple. The triple is a conventional supercross triple, with five singles leading to a 180. This set of five jumps might get exciting because I believe a 4-1 is conceivable. It will be determined by the angle of the initial take-off as well as how froggy one feels. However, if carried out, it would save a large amount of time.

More details:

Jason Thomas's Supercross Prediction

The next 180 lays the stage for a faster beat with two alternatives. Riders can select between a 3-3-2 or even a 2-3-3 formation. Because the smaller bores will have a hard time getting three straight off the berm, the option will most likely be split between the 250s and 450s.

Following that is a run through the first corner, but this time in the opposite direction. If there is a first-turn pileup, this could be troublesome because the pack will be passing through this area again soon. After exiting the first corner section, take a hard left onto the first whoops portion of 2022. Due to the short entry, motorcyclists may develop a routine for getting in and out of these.

The most important rhythm portion of this track begins with a 90-degree left. The quickest option here is to triple out from the berm, quad the on-off, and then triple into the turn. I expect it to be a line only the upper crust uses. This is an area where a whole second can be gained, so keep an eye on it all day and night.


New bowl berm (and net) awaits, as well as another chance to go big. Riders that choose a triple out of the corner have the option of going 3, 4, and even 5 into the next corner.

Some other bowl berm (and net) awaits, as well as another chance to go big. Riders that choose a triple out of the corner have the option of going 3, 4, or even 5 into the next corner. Many will simply double from the corner and then go on-off-double into the corner, but there is a larger line waiting for the courageous.

Before the final line, there is an intriguing triple. The 250s could have a terrible time here, setting the stage for a grueling finish line scenario. As riders are forced to venture outside and commit to the triple, keep an eye out for block passing. In that scenario, the lead rider is placed in a no-win situation.

This was all you need to know about Jason Thomas’s Supercross Prediction for 2022. Hope you got the answers and enjoyed the article.



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