Tips and strategies for winning factory challenge matches in Free Fire (February 2022)

Free Fire

Here we are going to talk about tips and strategies for winning factory challenge matches in Free Fire 2022. So to know more do read the full article.

Free Fire offers a variety of game modes that are introduced on a regular basis by the developers and are only available for a limited time. Aside from that, there are various more community-created custom room modes. Such as Factory Challenge, that has been promote by several content creators.

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This mode is played just on the Bermuda map, with all players landing on top of Factory, a popular, and then fighting in melee. Players can, however, start utilizing firearms when a specific amount of time has pass.

There are several variations or versions of this challenge, including health, speed of movement, leap height, and more.

How to increase your chances of winning The Fire Factory is offering a free challenge.

Kla usage and pets

The Factory Challenge is largely a fistfighting competition. As a consequence, Kla is the most suitable character for this model. His Muay Thai ability makes perfect sense for this, as it increases the damage he can deliver with his fists by 100%.

When the character achieves the maximum level inside the game, the damage increases by 400%, allowing users to effortlessly deal with massive hits and take down their opponents during the Factory Challenge. As a result, Kla is the best choice for melee fighting.

Falco may be preferred by some players since it can help them land quickly and get a positional advantage. Due to the active ability’s shorter cooldown, Rockie could potentially be a feasible alternative.

Find a decent character mix that can cure you sufficiently.

Players will be unable to use medkits for the majority of the game. This means they’ll need an operational capability to just provide HP when it’s need. The first figure that comes to mind after reading the most recent updates is K.

However, due to another benefit of movement speed, Alok is obviously the superior choice in this circumstance, at least till the fight is limit to a factory top with melee fighting.

To catch his opponents off guard, they’ll need faster movement, which heroes like Kelly and Joseph can supply. Additionally, Leon may aid in the progressive healing process.

Third-party assassinations

Fighting one on one in a straight fist battle isn’t always the best way to win an additional Free Fire Factory Challenge. Due to limited available space on the factory top, the chances of being third-party are significantly higher.

Users should benefit from the fact that their rivals are fighting and remove them quietly when the opportunity arises. Players usually flee to different regions of the map after a few gamers are left on the Building top in Free Fire.

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