The Result of The Pro Kabaddi 2022 Tournament

The Pro Kabaddi 2022

Here we are going to tell you about the result of the pro kabaddi 2022 tournament. So get excited and see whether your team won or not. And to know that do read the full article.

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Although Pawan Sehrawat’s Super 10, Bengaluru Bulls lose; Patna Pirates defeat Bengal Warriors.

Fans were treated to a wonderful double-header earlier today at Pro Kabaddi 2022. The action began with a match between the Patna Pirates, the three-time champions, and the Bengal Warriors, the defending champions.

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Later that evening, the Bengaluru Bulls faced the Gujarat Giants in a doubleheader of a Season 6 final, which was broadcast live on The outcomes of both two matches are listed below.

The result of the Pro Kabaddi match between Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors is as follows:

The Pro Kabaddi 2022

The Patna Pirates put on a magnificent performance to defeat the Bengal Warriors, 38-29. With this victory, the Pirates clinched first place in the PKL 2022 rankings.

For the pirates, Sachin was the hero. He raided 19 times & scored 11 points while only being tackled once. Sachin’s help came from Guman Singh, who earned seven points and was a huge help to Sachin. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, the left corner defender, continued his excellent form with some other High 5.

Due to an injury, Warriors skipper Maninder Singh was unable to perform properly. After escaping out 4 times in 11 raids, he was replaced in the 34th minute. Mohammad Nabibakhsh & Manoj Gowda both scored eight raid points, but the Warriors were defeated due to a lackluster defense.

Pro Kabaddi match between Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Giants.

In the second match of the day, the Bengaluru Bulls lost 36-40 to the Gujarat Giants. Despite suffering all within the final phase of play, the Bulls were unable to win due to a defensive error by Pawan Sehrawat.

In the raiding department, Sehrawat received a Super 10. He did not, however, step in to raid at the final minute, instead dispatching Bharat to raid twice. While the towering raider was successful the first time, he was unsuccessful the second time against the Giants’ defense.

The Bulls’ defenders attempted to protect their balkline during the buzzer raid. However, Pradeep Kumar was able to escape with two points thanks to a poor tackle attempt by Sehrawat, who was stationed at the right corner with the right-in defender. In the end, the Bulls were defeated by four points in a thrilling match.

So this was all about the result of the pro kabaddi 2022 tournament. Hope your team won and you enjoyed the article.






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