How to Choose a Good Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis Racket

Here we are going to tell you about how to choose a good table tennis racket. So sit back and read the full article and acquire some knowledge.

It’s a game of inches and modifications when it comes to table tennis. The top players adjust to their opponents’ styles and spins. Even the most inexperienced players soon learn to adjust their positioning and approach to counter their opponent’s preferred shots. As we progress as players, we establish our preferred grips, playstyles, favorite serves, and shot types. There is an infinite amount of variability, and every player, even at the highest level of a table tennis racket, has their own distinct style.

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It seems reasonable, then, that table tennis equipment is extremely adaptable. There is an almost infinite variety of paddles to maximize your game after you get past the typical “hard paddle” of rec rooms and basements.

What to know, before selecting a racket:

Racket basics:

Six basic parts make up a paddle. The handle, blade, forehand sponge and rubber, and backhand sponge and rubber are all included. Each of those components can be combined to produce a table tennis racket that is tailored to your playing style. Let’s go over how to choose the finest paddle for you!


What’s the best way to hold the paddle? The shakehand grip is used by the great majority of players. However, there are some players, particularly in Asia, that continue to use the Penhold grip. You should choose a handle that fits your grip type. Our RTG table tennis racket has a flared or straight handle and are suited for shakehand players.

To suit your preferences, choose between a flared or straight handle. In general, the flared handle is more comfortable for players who grasp the paddle loosely, whereas the straight handle is a little thinner and more suited to players who grip the paddle tightly.

Playing style:

Paddles are, in the end, a very personal choice. Every player has their own style and swing, but some paddles are better suited to certain playstyles.

So, how do you go about playing? Are you a powerful shooter who likes to attack? A defensive player who can beat rivals with placement, patience, and guile? Or do you place a premium on control, methodically placing your shots and shifting your opponent from side to side?

Play a few games or do some knocking to get a sense of your gaming style and preferences. Alternatively, have a friend, coach, or opponent observe you play and provide feedback on your preferences and habits.

This information will assist you in the following steps.

How to pick a blade?

The blade is the most solid portion of your paddle, and it determines the power rating the most. Table tennis rackets composed of lighter, more rigid materials is more attackable, whereas paddles made of softer materials are more defensive.

If you like to play a fast-paced game, you’ll want a blade with 5 or more layers of material. The lighter the better, so blades made of rigid-but-light carbon fiber or titanium carbon are ideal for your style of play.

An all-wood blade is great for defensive players because it absorbs some of the ball’s energy and helps slow the game down to your liking.

Rubber picking:

Tackiness and stiffness are two characteristics that are commonly used to evaluate rubber. The more tackiness of the racket there is, the more spin there is. More spin is usually produced by a softer rubber.

So, if you really want to play a slow, defensive style, a soft, sticky rubber is the way to go. You’ll want a firmer rubber if you play an attacking game.

So these are the steps you need to know before choosing a good table tennis racket.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.



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