Different Moves and Punches in Boxing


Here we are going to talk about different moves and punches in boxing. So to learn and implement it do read the whole article.

The boxing mania continues to spread, with fantastic boxing clubs such as LegendsBoxing springing up all across the country. There’s a reason for that: boxing is a fantastic total-body workout. You’ll work up a sweat, punch out any negative emotions, and feel like a true badass in the process.

Boxing may appear to be daunting, but it does not have to be. Before your first lesson or training session, arm yourself with a few basic movements to help you succeed in the ring. But before you get started, make sure you’re familiar with your posture and breathing technique, and then master the basic motions outlined below.

Most important: Stance

Many minor changes occur when you stand in a boxing stance, making it easier to achieve a stable fighting position and improving your boxing technique. Your punches will reach further without forcing you to overextend your lead foot, putting you in a vulnerable position.

You’ll also notice that when you have to react quickly, turn away from an opponent’s punch, or extend into your toes during a one-two combo, you’re less likely to lose your balance. With a good stance, you may deliver a wider range of punches without exposing yourself too much.

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When you identify your stance, you’ll get more power, movement, and balance, yet everyone’s stance will differ depending on their own particular structure.

To master the right technique for a powerful boxing stance, follow these guidelines:

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and stand tall with your back straight.

Shift one foot slightly in front of the other, maintaining both feet nearly parallel. When throwing a jab, your lead foot should be far enough ahead of your rear foot to allow you to shift your weight equally while maintaining proper balance. The lead foot is the one that is on the same side as the jab throwing hand.

Place your lead foot flat on the ground and lift your rear foot’s heel slightly off the ground, keeping your toes firmly planted.

Raise both hands directly above your chin. Make firm fists with your thumb on the outside of your knuckles and beneath your knuckles. Your knuckles should really be facing up to the sky in your posture. Maintain a flat grip with your hands and elbows tucked into your sides. After throwing a punch, instantly return both hands to this guard posture for a strong defensive stance that protects your head and upper body from the strikes of another fighter.
Bend your knees and hips slightly while maintaining a somewhat straight spine.
Your weight should be split 50/50 between your front and back feet. You should be at a comfortable level, yet ready to begin footwork.

Proper Breathing Technique:

Proper breathing, believe it or not, is one of the most frequently disregarded parts of the technique.

In boxing, proper breathing is critical to ensuring that a boxer is maximizing the potential of each technique. It has a bigger impact on a boxer’s game than you may believe, and it plays a huge role in how he performs in a fight.

Inhale to prepare for a punch to breathe properly. Exhale quickly via your mouth (rather than your nose) with a closed jaw as you throw. This should have a hissy tone to it.

If your mouth is open while you take a direct hit to the chin in a genuine match, you risk fracturing your jaw. The goal of this quick exhale is to activate your core.


It’s a chance to learn how to throw a punch now that you’ve mastered the boxing stance and breathing method.

In boxing, there are four main punches:



The jab is a basic punch that almost every boxing lesson will teach you how to use. When shouting out combos, it’s also called “one.”

Start with your hands next to your nose in a boxer stance. With your fists closed and fingertips facing your chin, lift your back heel just a little off the floor.

As you punch straight out with your lead hand, keep your hips in place. Twist your knuckles as you deliver your punch so that your fingertips face the floor when your arm is extended.

Keep your backhand tucked and at the ready in a tight fist.

Return your lead hand to the starting position as soon as possible.


A cross punch, often known as a number “two” punch, is a forceful straight blow thrown across the body by the dominant hand. The cross is a powerful knockout punch that can be used in a variety of situations.

Start in a boxer stance, with most of your weight on your front foot and your knees slightly bent. Close your fists and place your fingertips against your chin.

Straighten your right hand and punch it forward. When your arm is fully extended, your fingertips should face the floor. Pivot on the ball of your rear foot and move your hips forward as you throw your blow.

Return your right hand and hips to the beginning position right away.

And other basic punches are hook and uppercut, which are some of the most basic and powerful punches.

These were basics and different punches and moves in boxing. Hope you enjoyed the article.







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