Boxing and Its History

(Original Caption) Ali glances right off Joe Frazier during the 7th round. Ali won a TKO in the 14th round.

In this article, we are going to acquire some knowledge about boxing and its history. So sit back and relax, and read the full article.

Boxing has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the dawn of civilization. Its earliest recorded history may be traced back to Egypt circa 3000 BC. Boxing was also mentioned in Homer’s Iliad during Patroclus’ burial ceremony, where they had “prizefights” throughout the event—but where did boxing come from?

You’ve come to the right site if you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the world’s most popular combat sport. Continue reading for a quick history lesson on boxing as well as some fascinating facts that will astound you.

Where did boxing originate?

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports, with 2,000-year-old images on Egyptian tomb walls and stone sculptures showing that Sumerians, who lived in what is now Iraq, boxed at least 5,000 years ago. Boxing began as a physically demanding and harsh sport.

Two men would sit face to face in ancient Greece, their hands securely wrapped in strips of strong leather. They would then hit each other until one of them was knocked out or, in the worst-case scenario, died. Gladiators, or Roman combatants, fought with the primary goal of killing their opponent and wore metal-plated leather straps around their fists. And, on the other hand, was quickly outlawed in 393 AD due to its brutal nature.

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History of The Sport-Badminton

Boxing didn’t really make a comeback in London until the early 16th century. Because the English aristocracy became increasingly interested in regaining antiquity’s expertise and culture, it became a technique of resolving disagreements among the wealthy. Patrons with a lot of money would back their pugilists and bet a lot of money on their battles. It was here that the name “prizefighters” was coined.

More Detail:

From 1734 through 1758, reigning champion Jack Broughton was the first to establish a boxing school. He was also the inventor of mufflers, the forerunners of contemporary its gloves, and helped to draught the first set of its rules. Broughton asked high society males to transition from sponsoring fighters to becoming fighters.

As a police commissioner, Roosevelt encouraged his officers to learn the technique of ars pugandi. Boxing, he believed, was an excellent method “to let out man’s animal nature.” This did not alter after he was elected president. Roosevelt used to box virtually every day to stay in shape and stay active.

From there, the sport grew in popularity as laws and rules were establish to safeguard fighters, transforming it into the sport we know and love today.


It’s one of the most expensive fights:

On the date, May 3 in 2015, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s fight took place in the most expensive boxing match ever. Floyd was declared the winner by a unanimous vote. He was paid $120 million for the fight, while Manny was paid $80 million.

Two forms of boxing:

Did you know that there are two types of boxers: amateurs and professionals? Amateur boxing, which was named an Olympic sport in 1908, consists of three to four rounds. As opposed to the twelve rounds of professional boxing. In amateur boxing, points are award base on the number of clean blows delivered, regardless of impact. To lessen the chance of a head injury, fighters wear protective headgear and hits below the belt. To the kidney, or anywhere behind the head are strictly prohibit.

Professional boxing, on the other hand, forbids the use of any kind of protective gear. Only punches below the belt are prohibited, allowing boxers to battle to the limit.

These were all you need to know about boxing and its history and some of its facts.








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