History of The Sport-Badminton


Here we are going to talk about the history of the sport-badminton. So to get all the knowledge about badminton, do read and enjoy the article.


Battledore and shuttlecock, a badminton-like game in which two players smash a feathery shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets, was known in ancient Greece and Egypt.

The game was first played in India in the 18th century when it was known as “Poona.” It was developed by British Army officers stationed in India in the 1860s. The officers brought the game back to England, where it was a hit during. A party hosted by the Duke of Beaufort at his “Badminton” home in Gloucestershire in 1873.

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Why you should play table tennis?

Speed Badminton, sometimes known as Speedminton, is a newer form of badminton that is gaining popularity, particularly in Germany.  The people use to play without a net.

One of the newest Olympic sports has a long history! Badminton was name after Badminton House in Gloucestershire, the Duke of Beaufort’s ancestral estate, where the sport was performed in the nineteenth century. The International Badminton Federation(IBF) now has their headquarters in Gloucestershire.

Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales created the IBF in 1934. Four years later, the United States joined. Over the next few years, membership slowly increased, with a spike in new members following the Olympic Games’ debut in Barcelona.

The Thomas Cup (men’s world team championships) was the first major IBF event, held in 1948. Since then, there have been seven major world events.

More details:

The International Management Group has been organizing the World Cup invitational event since 1981. (IMG). The World Cup series is set to expire in 1997, and the IBF is considering holding exhibition matches involving the best players from across the world to fill the void.

The selling of commercial and television rights for the recent Thomas and Uber Cups in Hong Kong was a multimillion-dollar deal. It’s not only in Asia, either.

An increasing number of corporations are bidding for rights in Europe as well. Exclusive rights to the 1997 World Championships, which Glasgow will be hosting, Scotland. The people  already started purchasing television companies all around the world

The $20 million tripartite arrangement for sponsorship of the World Grand Prix Finals in 1994 was a mark of watershed moment in badminton’s development. The IBF, IMG, and STAR TV agreement stipulates that STAR. Will invest funds in the promotion and development of badminton.

In exchange, STAR receives complete exclusivity over the commercial and television rights to the WGP Finals. “The transaction was beneficial to all parties,” said David Shaw, the IBF’s executive director, who was hire with the goal of expanding the sport.

“We needed a powerful television partner, and the broadcaster had selected badminton as a vehicle that would draw viewers from all around Asia to its flagship sports channel.”


The next step in international badminton’s ascension has been to reclaim the United States. The United States was an early member of the IBF and one of its most successful at first. When the Uber Cup was first inaugurate in 1956, the first three events were won by Americans. However, attention dwindled after that.

Badminton was and is a popular and well-known sport in the United States of America, but it is mostly played as a recreational sport in the backyard of the house or on the beach. We know that once Americans experience international badminton.

The world’s fastest racket sport, they will want to see and play more of it. The Atlanta Olympics raised the sport’s profile in the United States. The event was a sell-out and quickly establish itself as one of the “must-see” sporting events.

Among the celebrities in attendance were former President Jimmy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Paul Newman, and Princess Anne. The Washington Post’s David Broder described it as “one of the supreme athletic spectacles of my life.”

This was enough information for you to know about the history of the sport badminton.




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