Table Tennis Styles

Table tennis styles

In this, we are talking about different table tennis styles table tennis players use to play the game. So to know more about table tennis styles read the article.

When playing against opponents, you may be exposed to a variety of styles from various table tennis players. In terms of how they play the game, these styles differ.

In table tennis, a style of play is essentially a tactic for winning a point. It’s best to know what style you’re up against before a match in this regard. However, you won’t always be able to tell until you’re in the middle of a game.

Now we are going to talk about different table tennis styles used worldwide.

Aggressive Style:

An aggressive table tennis player will usually play with the table near his or her face. They’ll try to catch the ball as soon as it bounces. It results in a more rapid-paced game. By chopping the ball more, you can slow down the game. It should deter him from launching as many attacks.

Forehand aggressive style

Table tennis styles

Forehand attack players frequently employ footwork to move and hit the ball with their forehand. As a result, limiting the opponent’s footwork mobility becomes a technique for defeating them.

Knowing the fact that returning the ball to the opponent’s forehand is more dangerous, most players in the world consciously switch to backhand.

So concentrate on hitting the opponent’s forehand first, and then surprise them with a backhand attack. As a result, the opponent may be unable to move at the appropriate time, and the quality of the return ball may be inadequate and not good table tennis style.

In addition, combining long and short balls is quite beneficial. Because the long ball frequently has topspin, using the short ball or flick to get your opponent closer to the table and attack his backhand is a good table tennis style.

Aggressive backhand style

Those who are proficient on both the forehand and the backhand make few errors. If you play aggressively with such people, you risk falling into the trap if you are unable to play faster than your opponent.

If you played closer to the table and did more loops and drives to the front of the net, that would help.

Control Style:

A player who shoots with control will not take any chances. Simply said, their major job is to keep the ball in play. Alternate your shots with varied speeds, rotations, and locations to set this guy up.

The concept for a control type player is that they must have a particular level of playing expertise. They’ll have to drop the ball precisely where they want it.

The abilities they possess might be backed up by the concepts they have in their heads. This kind of play isn’t very encouraging. It is mostly based on defense and mobilization, with the goal of scoring a point by forcing the opponent to make a mistake.

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In a professional squad, there should be no control over players. Because if you don’t attack, you’ll find it difficult to score a point during the game.

Such play will not allow a professional club to survive. In any game, there is a factor called control.

It’s preferable if you get a solid racket so you can get a good feel for the game. Only then will you be able to maintain fair control over your game.

When playing near the table, you can manage your forces well if you have reasonable control. You’ll have a strong sense of being offensive.

Defensive Style:

The fundamental goal of defensive players is to outlast their opponents by just returning the shot until they make a mistake. In the process, they also aim to reduce their own errors. Because they don’t generally stand close to the table, play your shots closer to throw him off.

If your opponent plays looping with you, you must be able to defend at least 7 or 8 strokes before considering how to add more force to your shot.

You should not be scared of your opponent hitting the ball if you wish to play defensively. You must be confident in yourself and defend all of your opponent’s drives. Don’t get too worked up over it; instead, practice defending the ball and returning it better.

Key in table tennis style: Footwork

On the backhand side is the stage of self-preparation. When your opponent loops to the forehand, you must switch to forehand defense.

You must, however, pay attention to the movement. You can use your right foot to step on a ball that isn’t too angled. The feet do not have to move, and the body follows suit, allowing you to return to your original position quickly. If you just put some pivoting on your right foot, it will assist.

If your left foot is nearly off the ground and you pivot entirely on your right foot, you would be slow to return to stance, and your opponent will be able to score swiftly by just shooting with his backhand and one of good table tennis style.

Taking drop point:

Once you can survive 7 to 8 strokes, you must think about how to hit the ball precisely to a drop point. You can’t keep defending by striking the ball to the same drop point because your opponent has already positioned himself and modified his footwork to return your shot.

After a few strokes, you should begin moving the drop point so that your opponent’s strokes and footwork must also be adjusted.


Table tennis styles

The forehand is nearly always used by penholders. You’d think that playing the ball to their backhand would prevent them from hitting it, but you’d be wrong. They are able to get into stance because of their footwork. Concentrate on getting the ball moving by playing it wide, particularly to their backhand. To knock them off balance, switch what locations you’re looking for.

It’s critical to understand the type of opponent you’re up against. I hope that this overview of table tennis playing styles is useful to you.

So, this was for you to know about different playing techniques and table tennis styles.






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